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:: The Adventures of Phineeas by phlar

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the political side of team:abunai. i guess it needs to be said that the views expressed here are the views of the aritsts and writers themselves, and do not necessarily represent the views of team:abunai. but let's be real: they most likely will represent the views of team:abunai.

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:: michael hogan :: On the Need for a Free and Open Society (PDF / 93 KB)



patrick o'shea :: senior project on the distribution of quadratic residues (107 KB PDF)


05.19.08 :: We are proud to announce the release of Sonifr's latest album, Audio Acrobats Vol 3: LWS LP. Click here for more information and the link to the free download

05.10.08 :: A live ambient set from OAO3 can be found here from MOMENT SOUND.

01.01.08 :: Audio Acrobats and Millions will be bringing in the New Year with some live performances. See Audio Acrobats in Kalamazoo, MI on January 3 at Bell's Eccentric Cafe and on January 11 at Papa Pete's. On January 21 Millions performs with Young Widows and Suicide Note at Subterranean in Chicago

09.11.07 :: NEW RELEASES! We have a new offering in the Audio Acrobats department, this time coming from Sonifr and Crush Destryer.

05.01.07 :: what are you waiting for? the new OAO3 CD is out and that shit is hot! order now for an ultra-deluxe, hand packaged and personalized compact disc. team:abunai store

04.17.07 :: pre-orders for OAO3's Forcible Entry EP are now available. Your five dollars will get you a hand packaged, personalized CD. Or you can be boring and download the lesser quality, package-free mp3s. team:abunai store

04.13.07 :: teamabunai.org version 2.0 officially launched! acquaint yourself with our newest artist, erika nakamura! we also boast a new image gallery, new artists, net netLabel and lots of upcoming releases and events!

04.11.07 :: Photo gallery from the Shiku Garu event can be founnd at teamabunai.org/gallery/shikugaru/

04.06.07 :: MILLIONS seven inch release show at the Note! Purchase the record online by clicking here


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