SONIFR \So*nif"r*\, n. [L. sonus sound+-r.]

1. a sound source, real or imagined, of electro-acoustic and natural ambient/environment produce. 2. a feedback function of music, ecology, and science. 3. the collection and cultivation of sound objects to understand and attempt acoustic design and acoustic communication.

at an age young for it's kind, sonifr began training in audio acrobatics with conventional instruments, then computers, followed by electro-acoustic devices. sonifr dispalyed a natural affinity toward field recordings as a child and was soon formally introduced to soundscape. thereafter sonifr began to practice ear-cleaning as well as surveying the acoustic environment. this activity resulted in a series of exercises employing techniques such as granular, analog modular, and digital synthesis, concrete, serialism, counterpoint, klangfarbenmelodien, and pointilism.

sonifr is primarily concerned with raising awarness of environmental sounds and the degree to which they are natural, human, technological, or any combination thereof. through compositions that utilize environmental sound objects (or a lack of) sonifr hopes to provoke further consideration of their sources and would one day like to see them used in the predominant forms of pop music culture. sonifr enjoys composing and performing for various situations, and has done so in the past for moving images and art exhibits in addition to general listening. sonifr is pleased to provide soundtrack and custom ambient experiences both pre-recorded and live, written and improvised.

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