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Slava's music career began early with the Chicago Free-Jazz Scene. As a teenager, he collaborated with Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers), shared the stage with The Ruins and performed alongside some of Chicago's best jazz musicians. Since then he has moved on to production of electronica, however live performance and improvisation are still central to his work. Every performance consists of original material specifically tailored to the given environment, with each aspect of audio being controlled in real time via Korg's Electribe Samplers. Slava's music spans a variety of genres from abstract down-tempo to booty-shaking techno and is continually morphing into something 'other', sometimes right before your ears.

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was made in 2005 and is the first cohesive collection of recordings i made with the korg electribe sampler es1 and is the start of the my foray into pure electronica. all the songs were recorded in real time. most are more-or less improvised. the music here doesn't fall into any particular subcategory of electronica. it is more of an exploration of its forms, tempos and textures. its free to download and share. you can hear the current songs on my myspace profile