Audio Acrobats

Audio Acrobatics is rather ambiguous, intentionally, and at present exists as little more than a two volume set of "compilations"... the artists featured (so far: Sonifr, Erth, and OAO3) are individual composers/audio acrobats, who's collaborative efforts (not to mention personal influence) has yeilded the audio acrobatics volumes.

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:: Releases

:: Audio Acrobats Compendium We compiled some of the best of the collaborative Audio Acrobats series into one handy compilation package. If CDs were still practical, this would be a two disc set.

aameeting23FEB2006 II

aameeting712 (truncated)

VIRGOHI21 (sonifr + oao)

gaia (sonifr + erth)

XENU! (master_slave) (sonifr + erth)

scarp-fuss (sonifr + oao)

:: Sonifr & Crush Destryer 8.4.7

Part One

part Two

:: Live 7 October 2006, Muse Cafe, Chicago

Featuring Sea Wolf and OAO-3

AA 7 OCT 2006 MP3

:: Live 2002 at Antioch College

Featuring Daniel Marks aka erth, Justin Price, OAO3, Matt Penfield, Patrick O'Shea and guest appearance(s) by Deuce Lightning

01 Intro :: 02 Fishbowel :: 03 The Bucket :: 04 In the Basement of the Alamo :: 05 truth :: 06 Trapeze Ace :: 07 Part II Intro :: 08 895 :: 09 The Danze :: 10 Theme Park :: 11 Outpost :: 12 Crazy People

or download the whole show as a zip file by clicking here